Speedrunner set a new record in the Fallout: New Vegas, sleeping with all available characters

Спидраннер поставил новый рекорд в Fallout: New Vegas, переспав со всеми доступными персонажами

You’ve probably heard of speedrunner with a lovely nickname tomatoanus in early February, he set a new record for sex speedrun of all the main games in the series Fallout. Now the restless sex-coach from the world Heath decided to work his skills in one game and set a record for high-speed copulation in Fallout: New Vegas!

In the course of his don Juan of the race the player slept with all 12 characters, with whom you sleep. To get into bed with another partner, he used a lot of various bugs – for example, using artful manipulation c “PIP-boy” changed on the fly floor of his hero.

Not without acceleration of the character, passing through walls and duplication of objects, no cheats, all fair broke after the game! The funny thing in all this, and speedrun it, – the quiet voice of a player explaining the current action on the screen.

Another interesting detail – at the bottom of the video you can see the heart rate of speedrunner, which quickens in the moments when the gamer begins to play at a good pace.

Ultimately tomatoanus has set a new world record by becoming the lover of all available NPC in 28 minutes 38 seconds in game time 31 minutes and 13 seconds real time. According to the website Speedrun.com second place in this category belongs to gamer under the nickname KungKobra.