Speedy dumped the wounded in the Ukrainian resort tragedy

Скорые свозят раненых: на украинском курорте произошла трагедия

In the midst of summer season vacationers one by one become victims of the emergency. The portal “Typical Kherson” told about the terrible disasters in the region.

According to local media, doctors literally knocked, saving lives utoplennica, robbed tourists and other people who were injured in the resorts of the Kherson region. Daily from beaches on the hospital bed bring the injured tourists. Here are some illustrative stories.

On July 31, the man from Nikolaev went swimming in the Black sea from temporary landing on the island Dzharylgach. Swimming under water, he emerged just below the passing boat. 38-year-old tourist hit her head hard on the bottom of the vessel, engine and propeller damaged his hand in the forearm. Injured diver was hospitalized in Skadovsk.