“Sphinx on the Orchid-the Ghost”: he tries to make the incredible

A unique phenomenon experts call winning the lottery. No one has been able to prove what is happening in nature, the processes, and scientists.

«Сфинкс на орхидее-призраке»: Фотограф пытается сделать невероятный снимок

The photographer is trying to do the incredible every day painstakingly corrects the position of the camera, which had been constructed in a hunting sanctuary of Okolona in the Northern district of Collier. He tries to capture the Orchid-the Ghost moth, which is called “Sphinx”. Scientists are unable to determine which of the insects pollinating the flower, because it is very difficult and it takes a very long trunk.

The project has attracted attention from specialists, as in 2008, the video hit the time of pollination of the Orchid-Ghost but the movie was of poor quality and experts are unable to determine the type of insect. Many are inclined to believe that the important role in the natural process is the moth-Sphinx. Left the facts to prove this point, and then begin a profound study. It is known that Orchid-the Ghost is on the brink of destruction and its very difficult to grow in artificial conditions.

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