Spicy food is most effective to drink milk

Острую пищу эффективнее всего запивать молоком

There is a perception that milk in adulthood is not helpful. Scientists have rejected such statements. Milk is best to cope with the burning sensation of spicy food. To such conclusion experts from the University of Pennsylvania who conducted a study using 7 drinks to remove the burning of spicy food. It is reported Newsmir.info referring to “HRONIKA.INFO”.

For research were selected 72 adults who had diseases of the digestive system. Participants of the experiment suggested to drink a Bloody Mary with red chilli pepper, which immediately in all subjects caused a burning throat. After all offered to “soothe” the throat with water, Cola, sweet instant drink with cherry flavor, soda water, non-alcoholic beer, milk skim and whole. Subsequent every two seconds, the participants shared their feelings. The best remedy for burning sensation in the throat was whole milk, followed its counterpart – skimmed milk. This is due to the presence in the milk protein casein, which inhibits the action of substance – capsaicin, which causes burning. Further places were distributed in the following order: soluble sweet drink, Cola, regular water, sparkling water and beer.

Experts also recommend not to wash down spicy food alcohol, because ethanol only increases the burning sensation and discomfort in the mouth.