Шпионские страсти

In Austria, the detained former Colonel of the armed forces, he is suspected of espionage in favor of Russia, said the Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

“Department of military counterintelligence with the assistance of international cooperation revealed a case of espionage. A retired officer of the Austrian army from 1990-ies engaged in espionage and passed on information of Russia. Against him opened a case”, — reported in Twitter defense Ministry spokesman Michael Bauer.

Sebastian Kurtz said: “In our relations with Russia is, of course, means that if the suspicion is confirmed, such cases, no matter they occur in the Netherlands or Austria, not to improve relations between Russia and the European Union. Espionage unacceptable, and Russian espionage in Europe is unacceptable and reprehensible”.

The Minister for foreign Affairs of Austria Karin Kneissl canceled his visit to Russia, but also summoned the representatives of the Russian Embassy for an explanation. The Austrian foreign Minister had planned to visit Russia on December 2-3 of this year and to discuss the implementation of the Austrian-Russian public forum “Sochi dialogue”.

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