Spit on Ukraine: what Putin is trying to negotiate with the United States

Начхать на Украину: о чем Путин пытается договориться с США

All political games, Russian President Vladimir Putin boils down to a desire to be with him was considered, as with Joseph Stalin during world war II. This view of “Apostrophe” was expressed by the Russian writer Leonid Radzikhovsky, commenting on the meeting of US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo with the master of the Kremlin and Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

I have not heard specific statements about improving relations between the two countries. Was the statement something like “maybe go on the right path”. But it’s a normal ritual spells – they always say when they meet. It’s the same as when people meet and tell each other “Hello”, it does not mean that they want health. The real improvement could occur as a result of certain concessions made by Russia.

USA concede nothing. First, Russia, they don’t require. And secondly, trump can’t afford to go to some steps, which in America is regarded as the concessions of Russia. Six months later, to begin the first real phase of the campaign: if you make concessions, it together with porridge will be eaten at the next election.

The improvement of relations is possible, if Russia will make concessions. But the fact that America and Russia do not need anything.

Missile talks – it’s some too smart military technology in which nobody understands anything. It’s not very impressive. And the whole foreign policy – both American and Russian, – is reduced to PR effects. On the ABM Treaty to this effect, in my opinion, will not succeed.

Ukrainians constantly worried about betraying their America for the sake of improving relations with Russia. America is not here to betray anyone, because the relationship between Ukraine and Russia depend little on America. Territorial disputes from the United States are independent, the change in the political climate in Ukraine has already taken place, and to put the toothpaste back in the tube is impossible, even if the Americans somehow wanted to. But they are not interested in what is happening in Ukraine. Anything they achieve from Russia will not be, themselves also will not do anything.

It seems to me that the only point where the Americans could achieve something from Russia is Venezuela. Other “pain points” for the Americans, North Korea or Iran – Russia has no influence. But in Venezuela Putin has some influence is, therefore, the United States theoretically can ensure that Russia “handed over” Maduro. What this may mean in practice is not clear. For example, the Americans may resort to drastic steps to Russia “not too bothered”. Now why would Americans want a real political concessions.

Putin from the Americans, it is clear that it is necessary, – he has 20 years of talking about it. It needs only one thing, he says it quite openly, says, – to be respected to considered to be heard. This means – that tramp had traveled to meetings at the highest level. All of this Executive game – the only “interests” of Putin in politics.

But what he will be able to speak with trump? Is that “here we are with you and with the Chairman of China – the great. The three of us decide the fate of the world, as were Napoleon and Alexander I, Stalin, and Hitler, Roosevelt and Churchill.” Here we three are great, and all the rest is nonsense.

What content is all filled, Putin has absolutely no value. He couldn’t care less what’s going on in Venezuela, Syria and, sorry, what is happening in Ukraine. Putin cares about one thing – if he is recognized the right on equal terms to sit over the map of the world with the President of the United States and, bending over her, to decide the fate of the world.