Spivak: Even when the Tendril raised the flag of Ukraine in Moscow, it is still accused of lack of patriotism

Спивак: Даже когда Усик поднял флаг Украины в Москве, его все равно обвинили в непатриотизме

The cult of pseudo is actively developing in Ukraine, an example of this is the accusations towards the Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik of lack of patriotism when he raised the flag of Ukraine in Moscow. This was stated by the head of the platform of the “national development strategy” Dmitry Spivak broadcast a great political talk show “Ukrainian format” on the TV channel NEWSONE.

“In the context of the scandal around the national selection to the Eurovision song contest want to remind you the situation with our champion Oleksandr Usyk, when the Luzhniki stadium, Moscow centre, he won brilliantly, played the anthem of Ukraine and the Tendril raised the Ukrainian flag, there are normal, ordinary people applauded our Mustache. The whole country felt proud of our flag, anthem and boxer. But even then there were the pseudo-patriots who almost made it to the FSB, the enemy and so on,” said Spivak.

He stressed that currently, this incident repeats with a Ukrainian singer MARUV, which won the national selection for Eurovision, but refused to participate because of political pressure and conflict around the touring in Russia.

“Today, the story repeats itself the second time as a farce. And in Ukraine actively develops the cult of pseudo-patriotism. Because when the whole country poisoned a man for his position, is the bigotry and incivility,” added Spivak.