Spivak: the UN has become declarative authority, which is unable to restrain military expansion on Earth

Спивак: ООН стала декларативным органом, который неспособен сдержать военную экспансию на Земле

The UN has turned into a declarative authority, which is now unable to contain the military and economic expansion on the globe. This was stated by the head of the platform of the “national development strategy” Dmitry Spivak, the TV channel NEWSONE.

He recalled that the UN was intended to prevent military conflicts on the Ground, trying to prevent them and “to take effective decisions in relation to the instigators of the hostilities.” Also before this organization’s goal was “to preserve the environmental cap and prevent global monopolies”.

“Any design sooner or later in need of modernization. The UN turns into completely ineffective configuration. (EDS.), declarative authority, which is unable to Orient quickly and to take effective appropriate measures. Resolutions, recommendations, veto the mighty of this world does not affect the situation,” said Spivak.

In his opinion, the UN should either change the Charter and the General design, or to get rid of the bureaucracy, but this structure is now “ineffective and unable to restrain the military and economic expansion in the world”.

“This is a platform for speeches, declarations, statements,” he added.