Sport and no alcohol: American Oncology has released new guidelines for the prevention of cancer

Спорт и никакого алкоголя: американские онкологи выпустили новые рекомендации по профилактике рака

A new recommendation was much harder than the previous one.

The American cancer society released new recommendations on reducing the risk of cancer.

Tips wrote on the basis of scientific studies of the past two years, says the story TSN.

So, a new recommendation was much harder than the previous one. Previously, the American cancer society considered safe half a glass of wine or 350 grams of beer, but now advises not to drink alcohol at all. Studies in recent two years showed that even the minimum dose of alcohol increases the risk of cancer. Triple the portion facing cancer of the stomach and liver.

Basic nutrition tips: more fruits and legumes and more vegetables. At the same time you need to eat less meat, especially red, and opt out of the sausage. Also it is necessary to limit sweets and ready-prepared foods.

“People here are afraid of nitrates. In vegetables, leafy greens, early vegetables. But nobody thinks, how much we eat per year of nitrates sausage, with the semis. They are there constantly. Meat when we have it boiled, – grayish color, and the sausage was bright pink in color. Somehow it does not fit,” said the nutritionist Eugene Rozum.

Increasing physical activity is the next item in the list of recommendations. New studies have shown the relationship of physical activity and cancer of the rectum. Therefore, the new recommendation for adults and adolescents to five hours per week of walking or half-time sports. Especially in older age when the immune system and without harmful habits is becoming weaker.

“Onkokletki are produced in our body. We have our own immune system that is constantly struggling with those breakdowns. And if we have a healthy body – the person maintains a normal body weight, eats normal food, not abusing alcohol, some body’s immune system deals only with those that are struggling with troubled cells”, – told about the dependence of cancer from lifestyle oncologist Alexander Stakhovsky.

Conversely, if the immune system is loaded with other problems, some broken cage slip and begin to multiply uncontrollably until a malignant tumor.

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