Sport in diseases of the spine: worth it or not?

Спорт при заболеваниях позвоночника: стоит или нет?

The first thing a person thinks, which begins to ache, – we need to finally tackle your own health and start to exercise.

The benefits of sport to keep the body in good shape is undeniable. But remember that the sport does not cure diseases of the locomotor apparatus, and in some cases, only complicates them. Whether or not to engage in sports or fitness when problems with the spine doctor says a leading national network of centers for physical therapy, neurologist, spine Lidia Miller.

“There are injuries and the condition of the spine, which is strictly prohibited “sport” physical activity. For example, hernia and protrusion of intervertebral disc can cause sharp back pain and severe neurological symptoms during sports overload. To compensate for the load on the discs and joints of the spine need special rehabilitation program. Professional athletes undergo necessary examinations and receive appropriate rehabilitation program. A “non-professional” athletes can learn about their disease during or after the competition, when the back pain will appear suddenly and will prevent further activity, withdraw from normal life for a few weeks or months.”

The doctor recommends that you engage in regular physical activity, if a person has these diseases intervertebral hernia, spinal compression fractures, scoliosis 2-4-th degree, coxarthrosis, arthrosis. Physical exercise can only improve acute pain, to cause exacerbation of the disease or even cause trauma to the joints and spine. But this does not mean that the rest of my life you need to sit in the office to not be in danger. On the contrary – it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the disease by means of individual training programs, and then safely continue to practice your favorite hobby.

“Do the exercises on the flexibility and gipermotornaya no sudden movements. You can do cardio on the rowing or Cycling machines, a very useful technique – an easy walk. These are basic guidelines for everyday use. After the consultation with the doctor, can do even more challenging exercises and use a greater range of equipment but, first, practice under the supervision of a teacher (physical therapist). By the way, an alternative to exercising at the gym, maybe swimming, WCL (rehabilitation physical therapy), yoga, all kinds of physical therapy. This way you will be able to maintain General health and good physical shape even when certain issues of musculoskeletal system”.

Of course, you can independently determine the optimal mode loads. However, in this case, after a workout, often there is the so-called “delayed onset muscle soreness” muscle group, individual muscles and joints. The pain may worsen, if you already have certain problems or diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In this case, it is better to consult professional doctors and work together to find a safe for the body exercises.

“The program has to add and strength exercises. There is a certain rehabilitation center that can be made after obtaining the recommendation of a physician. In a conventional gym is not always possible to find equipment and specialists under control of which it is possible to work with such a complex. The main difference of the complex exercises without axial loading on the spine and joints. In the rehabilitation of this complex is called WCL (restorative physical therapy or hydrotherapy is the treatment with movement). Exercises are performed on medical devices CYPRESS (Ukrainian development) or the gym-crossovers”.

“Given the sedentary life of Ukrainians, exercise is a necessity. A few simple exercises a few minutes a day may reduce the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system. You can further increase the complexity, frequency and volume of load.”

We must remember that sports can be not only useful. In some cases they are harmful to health. That is why Lydia Miller recommends to the nearest physical therapy center before starting training to avoid complications. If you are already involved in fitness or sports and feel the emergence of symptoms of pain, headache, dizziness or General weakness in the body – always consult your doctor. The consultation lasts less than an hour, but will allow you to be confident in their actions.