Sports incivility: how burgers and Beers overshadow the sport in Ukraine – 24 Channel

Спортивне безкультур'я: як бургери та пиво затьмарюють спорт в Україні - 24 Канал

Why in Europe during sports competitions every passerby will support the athletes, cheer them, and in Ukraine can send “far away”? How is it that in Lviv people do not care about sporting events, because they have their own business and priorities? Site 24 channel wants to tell you about the sports incivility in Ukraine.

Recently in Lviv has hosted some of the biggest triathlon in Ukraine – international Open Cup of Lviv triathlon (Triathlon Lviv Open Cup). In the “Lion city” has gathered more than 400 athletes from all over Ukraine: professional triathlete lovers aged from 20 to 60 years.

What is the triathlon?
Olympic sport which involves three components: swimming, Cycling and running. The competition is held in several standard and many non-standard distances. Ever since its establishment, the popularity of triathlon is growing at a considerable pace and now annually involves thousands of events with hundreds of thousands of participants worldwide. In 1994 it was announced the inclusion of triathlon in the Olympic games.

These competitions became the benchmark for sports events in Ukraine. Organizers for entertainment decided to cover the center of the city, through which moves a huge number of cars and people. Did it all for the sake of the audience could enjoy a real celebration of sport. But, there was one “no” through which this holiday is in fact spoiled.

And this “but” is called incivility of people in Ukraine faced by the participants and the organizers of the Cup of the city. Some people did not respond to warnings by police and volunteers, rushing under the wheels velogrupa participants. Indifferent passers-by were engaged in a verbal argument with the organizers of the tournament, putting their own ambitions above others. And this despite the fact that all the people could safely cross the street, just wait until you pass another group of cyclists.

“Let your athletes running in the stadium” – that is the reaction of some passers-by got the participants and the organizers of the competition. There were cases when people were rushing to McDonald’s to drink beer in the city centre. One of the bystanders even said that he home defrosted pancakes, and despite all the warnings of a volunteer ran across the road in front of a group of athletes.

Why can’t people in the day, Sunday, instead of a hike for a Burger or sitting in a bar in the city, just go to see major sports action in the city centre, which takes place once a year? What about the development of sports and youth in Ukraine can be discussed when our people are so indifferent to large-scale sporting events…

However, I would also like to pay attention to people who are into cool autumn day came to support the athletes with warm applause and words of support.

Note that the information on the competition, and slab city cruised on social networks and local media a month before the start. The organizers even hung out signs with pictures of road closures throughout the course of the competition and put up the warning on the taxis of the city.


Спортивне безкультур'я: як бургери та пиво затьмарюють спорт в Україні - 24 Канал
Information about road closures cruised all the local media

Спортивне безкультур'я: як бургери та пиво затьмарюють спорт в Україні - 24 Канал
Signs with information about the competition hanging around town

Also it is necessary to turn attention to how local media covered the event. One of the editions was called “the Grand collapse” road closures at the international triathlon in Ukraine. In the comments on Facebook people angrily spoke about road closures.

Спортивне безкультур'я: як бургери та пиво затьмарюють спорт в Україні - 24 Канал
Most of the comments in social networks – angry

In Europe, the experience of such events gained over the years. It is worth remembering the Berlin, new Yorski, Hong Kong and other marathons, where overlapping centers of these giant cities. What is the only marathon in Tokyo, when the day of the race to the streets around 2 million fans, organizing a living wall from start to finish. Tokyo marathon deserves the title of the most spectacular marathon in the world.

In the end I want to wish all Ukrainians to support the national sport and not to interfere with the holding of sports events, as sport and youth is the heyday of the nation.

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