St. Petersburg residents may lose their Armenian apricots at the background of the conflict in Karabakh

Жители Петербурга могут лишиться армянских абрикосов на фоне конфликта в Карабахе

In St. Petersburg, clashes between Azerbaijani and Armenian diasporas of traders fruit. The landlords, acting on the side of official Baku allowed to trade to the Armenian farmers.

As reports 47news, on Sophia street, the representatives of Armenia had to sell their apricots from the nearest metro station. They raised the price of 20 rubles (150 rubles per kilogram).

“We stopped about seven or eight in the morning. Met quite aggressive, looked askance, shouting “get Out of here” and “there is no place for Armenian apricot”. Talked briefly, 20-30 minutes. In the end, nothing left as to go out of the area and find another place,” – said St. Petersburg restaurateur Tigran Muradyan.

As a result, the Armenians managed to sell all four hours, after which the truck driver went back to his country. In the urban issues Committee of the law are unable to say how many have written protocols on the illegal trade to Armenian trucks.

Ruposters wrote that earlier the Armenian Embassy complained about the ban to the Armenians trading in the Moscow Food city. The conflict was later settled.