St. Petersburg residents with gastrointestinal tract problems will examine 24/7

Петербуржцев с проблемами ЖКТ будут обследовать в режиме 24/7

In the City multi-field hospital №38 named. Semashko earned endoscopy, where the patients will receive around the clock. Now the residents of the Pushkin district, and the settlement of Shushary, which have diseases of the digestive system, you can count on diagnosis and treatment according to European standards.

“SEI? hour we meet on the possibilities of gastroenterological inspection standards of Europe? civil society and Japanese criteria. Already implemented almost all the clinical and operative endoscopic techniques. Started to remove the benign tumor? in the gastrointestinal tract. Alas, in Rai? Onet quite a lot of patients with such problems, but now we can provide them with high-quality examination and endoskopicheskoi? help.” – told the head of endoscopy Department, Elena Pozdnyakova, in an interview with “Dr. Peter”.

A new ultrasound examinationin addition, on November 26, the hospital opened a new Cabinet of ultrasonic diagnostics, and intensive care unit, which is equipped with new equipment. In 2019, the hospital purchased new equipment for 40 million rubles. The money was allocated from the city budget.