Stablon Tether plans to launch a support Network Lightning

Стейблкоин Tether планирует запустить поддержку Lightning Network

The system is a peer node contains a limited amount of bitcoins, but the Tether is going to make it available for USDT.

Leadership exchange Bitfinex, with the Issuer Tether, made it clear that the launch USDT digital assets in a network Lightning Network is quite likely. Ardoino Paolo (Paolo Ardoino), chief technical Director of Bitfinex, told about the possibility The Block.

It is important that the exchange considered the entire industry, helping to develop key projects for the future Cryptoprotected.

Paolo Ardoino.

The news of the transition to the Lightning Network appeared immediately after the Tether has announced that it will launch a version of USDT network EOS. Currently USDT coins exist on the Bitcoin Omni, with the highest offer more than 3.13 billion coins. More than 600 million coins were produced through a network of Ethereum (ETH). On the basis of the TRON, USDT faced with control, but the latest version, stabilini on the blockchain EOS is ready to launch.

Meanwhile, Lightning Network has grown over the last year, expanded to more than 8000 nodes.

On Lightning observed Network statistics: 8624 nodes (4358 active channels) 35679 channels and power 016 1,013 PTS ($8 849 276). The average capacity of a node: 0,014 BTC ($126,41) 24 h: +15 nodes +172 channels, +0,599 BTC ($5233)

However, the network carries the relatively small transaction volume of about 1100 MTC in total power. Channels Lightning Network is the issue of cooperation between the participants and the willingness to retransmission agreements.

Now Tether not published the explanation of how coins USDT will be compatible with LN. Currently stablon mainly used on exchanges, and not as a direct means of payment. USDT relatively easily transferred between markets, and millions of coins every day move. But LN has a significantly lower power compared with the turnover USDT.

USDT had a volume equivalent to more than $27 billion during the recent movement of bitcoin to the highs and now has a volume of about $20 billion Each coin moves more than six times through the exchange, shows that even with the increased supply, USDT are used with extreme activity in comparison with other digital assets.

USDT sells now more than 28% of all activity on the cryptocurrency markets, on par with the BTC trade, based on data from CoinMarketCap.

At the same time, the recent recognition that every USDT was supported by only 74% of actual dollars, reduced the reputation of the asset. In fact, everyone who supports bind $1, also subsidizes the loan in the amount of $900 million from the Tether to Bitfinex.