Stalin: Efim Shifrin made fun of for participating in the film Dude about Kolyma

За Сталина: Ефима Шифрина затравили за участие в фильме Дудя про Колыму

Efim Shifrin participated in the filming of the documentary Yuri Dude “Kolyma – the birthplace of our fear”, which was published in late April on the youtube channel “wdud” and gathered more than 13 million views. The crew drove 2 thousand kilometers from Magadan to Yakutsk, the Dude interviewed Museum employees of the Gulag, local residents and descendants of prisoners. Among the interlocutors Dude was the daughter of the designer Sergei Korolev, who came to Kolyma in 1939, and born in the Magadan region Efim Shifrin, whose father too was in exile.

Told the story of his father Shifrin did not choose words in expressing their hatred of Stalin and his regime. Predictably, the humorist barrage of criticism from the Stalinists. About the artist succinctly stated in his Instagram: “Even “Lucy” I was not rocked in the turbulent years of his youth as much as bullshit got smacked in the Halcyon days of its maturity for Duda”, referring to the monologue, “Hello, Lucy”, which brought him popularity in the USSR.

General roar of indignant voices, reproached artist in the affectedness and to find inconsistencies in his story, came the claim by the famous kinopravda Dmitry Puchkov ( aka Goblin) and military historian Klim Zhukov. Who took the trouble to write a 2 hour documentary exposing Dude.

Goblin with Zhukov laughed at the words Shifrin, calling him “son alive repressed father” and also questioned the innocence of his father:

“It’s okay, daddy’s favorite son doesn’t talk about what he does in his free accountancy a minute. Don says that “I was involved with any resident who told everything we have, everything was drained, and when I was caught, someone else did”. I don’t know dad, which children will tell so” – quipped Goblin.

According to Zhukov, long conversation with Dude Shifrin – dirty technique of manipulating, because Shifrin – actor and knows how to put pressure on the pity “Is the manipulation of consciousness, because the scenes does not understand what says. He has some personal experience, which he handed dad, which he loved, I suspect”.