“Stalin vs. Martians”: the first trailer of the new game

"Сталин против марсиан": вышел трейлер новой игры

KREMLINCORP the developers released the game trailer “Stalin vs. Martians 4” in which the Generalissimo on the giant robot fighting the alien invaders.

Actually this is not the fourth part of the series, and the sequel, which was released back in 2009 (and was a strategy, not action). In 2014, the developers tried to raise money for third (not second) through Kickstarter, but failed.

On the website KREMLINCORP it is reported that the company is an international business conglomerate that has absorbed the developer of the first part of Dreamlore. There is a separate provision that the conglomerate has absorbed many, “including your mother”.

In the game, which is made on the Unreal engine, the developers promise a giant Stalin on a giant robot, the world’s best soundtrack, a railgun that shoots rails. The game release is scheduled for 2020.

KREMLINCORP clarifies that all issues can be accessed in the headquarters of the company, which is located “somewhere near the Kremlin.” “Just ring the bell and ask the address,” the developers suggest.

Those interested can see the trailer for the first part of “Stalin vs. Martians” (it’s worth it).