Standard&Poor’s has updated the forecast of the hryvnia

Standard&Poor’s обновило прогноз курса гривни

The international rating Agency S&P Global Ratings said, what would be the hryvnia exchange rate until 2022.

At the end of 2019, the Agency experts expect the rate of 27 hryvnia to the dollar, according to the S&P to raise the rating of Ukraine to “In”.

At the end of 2020 S&P expects 27,5 hryvnia to the dollar, 2021 – 28 hryvnia per dollar, and 2022-go – 28,5 hryvnia to the dollar.

Back in April, the Agency believed that Ukraine is waiting for the devaluation.

The Agency’s experts predicted that the weakening of the hryvnia to the end of 2019 will represent 28.6 hryvnia per dollar by the end of 2020, the national currency of Ukraine will drop to 29.5 hryvnia to the dollar by 2021 – up to 30 hryvnia per dollar by 2022 – up to 30.5 hryvnia to the dollar.

But a number of factors – from the record harvest to flow of funds of non-residents in government bonds – has led to the strengthening of the hryvnia.


National Bank has strengthened the official hryvnia exchange rate by 10 cents, setting it on 30 September at 24,08 hryvnia to the dollar.

27 Sep quotes hryvnia to the dollar at the close of the interbank market established at the level of 24.10 – 24,13 hryvnia to the dollar.