Star Conflict has started the celebration of the anniversary of man’s landing on the moon

В Star Conflict стартовало празднование юбилея высадки человека на Луне

StarGem and Gaijin Entertainment has released update 1.6.3 “lunar race” for the online space action Star Conflict. Since its release, started the eponymous event, timed to the 50th anniversary of the landing of Neil Armstrong and buzz Aldrin to the moon.

Within three months, Star Conflict will take place the event “lunar race” with awards for pilots. The event will be divided into three phases, each of which in turn consists of thirty stages. Pilots can fight in all modes and earn the “Xenocide” – a temporary in-game currency available only during the event, and is intended to open new stages of the “Lunar race”. The developers added that the first and every fifth stages available to all players, while the rest – only buyers of the Moon passes on the corresponding phase.

As a reward, participants will get bonuses for getting experience and credits, unique decorative objects, premium license and even the premium ships. But the main prize is a powerful frigate of the Custodian with a flexible control system with shields, armed with plasma gun and is able to hide from radar. You can get it for completing the last stages of all three phases that is available to all participants of the “Moon race”. With all the details you can visit the official website of the project.

Also in the update 1.6.3. the testing begins with a PvE-mission “Church of last resort”, and the first access to it will be buyers of Lunar pass “Flight into the unknown”. The battles unfold within the huge abandoned complex. “Until the allies examine the interior of the temple, the pilots protect a generator from waves of enemies arriving in the sector”, explained the developers.