Starbucks has allowed employees to wear t-shirts with the slogan Black Lives Matter

Starbucks разрешила сотрудникам носить майки с лозунгом Black Lives Matter

The American company Starbucks has permitted employees of its coffee shops to wear at work t-shirts and badges with symbols of the movement Black Lives Matter, which deals with the protection of the rights of the black population of the United States and the protests after the death of the African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis. About this Starbucks have informed on Friday in his Twitter.

“We heard about your desire to demonstrate your support and be themselves. Can wear badges and t-shirts BLM. We believe that you are doing the right thing and never forget about the fact that Starbucks treat everybody with dignity and respect,” said the company.

She announced that the uniforms for the employees of the coffee chain is complemented by a new apron with slogans in support of racial equality. On a green apron with a black insert among others, played the slogan Black lives matter.

Thus, the company responded to the publication of an Internet portal BuzzFeed, dated 10 June, which drew attention to the fact that the staff of this coffee shop chain banned from wearing the symbols with the slogan Black lives matter. The portal referred to in-house Starbucks circular.