Starbucks has been advertising $2 billion from the glimpse at “Game of thrones” Cup of coffee another company

Starbucks получил рекламы на $2 млрд. от мелькнувшей в "Игре престолов" чашки кофе другой компании

According to preliminary estimates of American marketers, the unexpected emergence of (product placement) Cup of Starbucks in one of the episodes of “Game of thrones” has brought us 2.3 billion dollars.

In the fourth series during the feast, Daenerys, Jon snow and Tormund on the screen was a Cup of Starbucks coffee. Fans around the world immediately began to joke that the Starbucks Cup, and journalists and critics have suggested that this is product placement.

Subsequently, in company NVO explained that the Cup belonged to Emilia Clarke. The appearance of the cups of the frame – the omission of the crew. In a matter of hours episode with a Cup fixed.

However, the Cup became a meme, which began all over the world.

According to estimates PR company Critical Mention, online, on TV and radio was about 10?627 mentions of Starbucks and “Game of thrones”.

A fourth series live watched by 11.8 million viewers.

In addition, social media Analytics and monitoring platform Talkwalker counted more than 193 thousand mentions within 48 hours about Starbucks and “Game of thrones”. Tags with the company name and the series has sold networks, forums, blogs and news sites.

“In the end, all these numbers give 2.3 billion dollars,” says Stacy Jones, CEO of the marketing company Hollywood Branded.

Moreover, the Cup has already made history, so will continue to bring in varying degrees, the company’s revenues.

However, the paradox is that the Cup, which appeared in a shot at Emilia Clarke is not a Starbucks. This Irish Cup company Paper Cup.