Starbucks suspends advertising in social networks

Starbucks приостанавливает рекламу в соцсетях

Starbucks is the latest company that announced that it will suspend advertising on the “all social networking platforms” and promises to hold internal discussions, as well as with partners in the media and organizations for the protection of human rights, to stop the spread of hate speech. The company will continue to post information on social networks without paid promotion.

“We believe in the Union community, both in person and online, and we are opposed to incitement to hatred,” – said in a statement on Sunday. “We believe that more needs to be done to create a welcoming and inclusive online communities, and we believe that business leaders and politicians must unite in order to affect real change”

Starbucks, the largest advertiser, who made this announcement against the background of the boycott, which began with Facebook, but now extend to other social networking platforms. Coca Cola on Friday also said that it would suspend advertising on all social media platforms worldwide, while Unilever will stop advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the United States before December 31. On Saturday, the alcohol giant Diageo has announced that it will suspend paid advertising all over the world. on “major social networks” starting in July. The representative of Starbucks said that the suspension of the advertising campaign in social networks will not affect YouTube, which is owned by Google.

Starbucks said that although it suspends advertising, but will not join the campaign of boycott StopHateForProfit, which started in the beginning of the month.

After the group encouraged Facebook advertisers to suspend their advertising costs in July, more than 100 marketers including Levi’s, Patagonia, REI, Lending Club and The North Face announced its intention to join, according to the current list of Sleeping Giants. The group of organizations are the League against defamation, the NAACP, “Sleeping Giants”, “Colour of changes”, the “Free press” and others asked “large advertisers Facebook to show that they will not support a company that puts profit above safety.”

The organization stated that they are asking Facebook to more tightly control the incitement to hatred and misinformation, taking a number of actions, including the creation of “private channel moderation” for users who say they were victims of persecution because of their race or religion, or to allow advertisers to see how often their ads appear next to content that was later removed due to misinformation or hatred.

At the same time, last year, total advertising revenue at Facebook was 69.7 billion dollars with millions of advertisers worldwide.