Starfall’s orionid 2019: photos and videos shared by users in social networks

Звездопад Ориониды 2019: фото и видео, которыми делятся пользователи в соцсетях

Every year in October, the earthlings have the opportunity to see an amazing phenomenon – the Starfall of orionid. The period of activity of meteor stream – from 2 October until 7 November. And the peak of the meteor shower came in last night from 21 to 22 October.

On this night we could see the brightest star. And if you missed this amazing phenomenon, Techno 24 has collected the most striking photos from social networks, where you can see shooting stars of orionid 2019.

This meteor stream is best seen in the Northern hemisphere. Although some of its residents can see the entire planet, including in Ukraine. Unfortunately, in the skies over our country, he is not too active – about 6 meteors per hour. The average stream of meteors is 20 – 25 per hour.

By the way, this meteor shower got its name in honor of the constellation of Orion. It has three bright stars that are located close to each other. However, meteors do not fall with this constellation, and comet Halley, which leaves a “tail” in the form of meteors.

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