Starfall’s orionid 2019: when to watch

Звездопад Ориониды 2019: когда смотреть

The peak of the meteor shower of orionid 2019 can be seen in the night from 21 to 22 October. This meteor stream is known as one of the most spectacular on the planet.

Best stream will be visible in the Northern hemisphere. Although part of the phenomenon can be seen by people around the world, including in Ukraine. Over Kiev expect about 6 meteors per hour, that is, not too many.

Starfall’s orionid 2019: when to watch

Meteor storm began on 2 October and will run until 7 November. However, that in the night from 21 to 22 October, he will be the brightest.

To observe the peak of the meteor shower just after midnight. Although in Ukraine, the brighter it needs to be closer to dawn.

Starfall’s orionid 2018: video

What is Starfall’s orionid? This meteor shower, which is considered one of the brightest and most spectacular on Earth. It is quite fast (about 148 thousand miles per hour), while not too intense. The average power of the stars is 15 meteors per hour, sometimes this figure can reach 20-25 meteors per hour.

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