Staroobuhovskoe the accident, the delay of the end for Russian schools, “Lada” in Ukrainian

Старообуховская автокатастрофа, отсрочка конца для русских школ, "Лада" по-украински

Staroobuhivska tragedy: will the power of adequate law on the punishment of autobiz?

The tragic news of the last days coincided with the legislative agenda of the government. First, the President approved the decision of the Parliament on the decriminalisation of articles for drunk driving and then the car accident occurred near Kiev, which led to the deaths of almost an entire family – two adults and two children (survived only 12-year-old boy, who I hope will recover). And the culprit of this tragedy was a drunk driver.

The tragedy at ctaroobuhovskoy track led to the fact that Vladimir Zelensky urgently required to increase the punishment for an accident while drunk. As it was correlated in power with just decriminalization revoked for drunk driving, no one explained.

Monopolista their leader heard: Rada voted in first reading for the law, which, among other things, increases the punishment for killing while driving, including for murder in a drunken state.

However, while the law adopted in the first reading, a chance to correct the data standards are still there. It is hoped that among the deputies there are those who will relate facts about staroobuhovskoe tragedy and their own rules of law.

Swing power: why Zelensky did not return the millions of members of the Supervisory Board?

The abolition of criminal liability for drunk driving and almost immediately following this, increased responsibility for drunk driving accidents were not the only example of inconsistency of the current government.

We can say, yesterday, she broke all records this inconsistency: in one day, the President withdrew the bill to restore the huge salaries of members of the Supervisory boards of state-owned companies and a draft resolution on the appointment of local elections, and the government withdrew the proposal on appointment of Deputy Prime Minister for industry Professor Oleg Russkogo.

Direct connection between the three is cancelled by the decision no. Russkogo postponed pending consultations with the faction (and, most likely, will make).

About the repeal of the law on elections to the Parliament announced that it again will make after you decide the question of consolidation of districts. However, for the authorities it would be better if this project is buried – because if it is accepted, and residents of hundreds of regional centers right before the election will lose all managerial and social infrastructure, these elections will end for “servants of the people” disaster.

As for the decision not to return to the members of the Supervisory Board of their exorbitant salaries, it should be recognize that someone in the head on Bankova woke up common sense. Or someone remembered what branding costs carrying power for another 3-4 months ago, when the media walked the news about salaries in the hundreds of thousands and even millions of hryvnias a month for parasites, sitting in the Supervisory Board.

It should be recognized that in order to decide on nepovyshenie salaries these parasites, Zelensky took courage in the spirit Goloborodko, because the members of the Supervisory Board is not just a parasite on the neck of the state budget, and the influence agents of the West or Pro-Western activists “retirement”. And therefore to return them their “pensions” the West needs through its levers, through to the IMF.

But if Zelensky decided on one bold move, it would be good to decide on a second to initiate the dissolution of all of these Supervisory Board.

Through the Parliament this decision would have passed on hurrah (of course, without the vote sorozat of “public Servants” and “the Voice”, but the rest would vote with two hands). A tranche of the IMF still does not see, regardless of will be the members of the Supervisory Board salaries for 47 thousand the Supervisory Board will not do.

Postponement of death of Russian schools

Another resonant event that occurred yesterday in Parliament – the introduction of the agenda on Thursday of a bill to postpone Ukrainization of Russian-speaking schools until 2023.

However, while this is not an event, but only the announcement of the event. But given the fact that for more than a year of the Board Zelensky language issue, the Verkhovna Rada was not even trying to touch the yesterday’s statement of the second person in the faction “servant of the people,” Alexander Kornienko can be called a sensation.

Although, of course, the introduction of the bill max Bogunskogo for voting is not adopted.

Although in this case we are not even talking about the abolition of the policy of Ukrainization, but only a continuance, which is not only logical, but supported by the Council of Europe: the Europeans did not approve the division of languages into varieties with gradation “EU languages – second grade (after the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar), and others (i.e. Russian, Belarusian) – the third”.

In addition, the transfer of the full Ukrainization of Russian schools from 2020 to 2023 will allow you to avoid a crisis with the lack of Ukrainian-language textbooks, which originated in the Russian schools this summer.

However, all the obvious arguments of sanity has met chauvinistic statements poroshenkovskoy “European solidarity” and some of them inadequate representatives. They want to collect almost independence under the walls of Parliament, to prevent the alignment of the rights of Russian children by Hungarians and Romanians.

So in the end, it all depends on how coordinated the vote of the majority of the “Servant of the people”. If they will give 180-200 votes, and the rest will provide “the Opposition platform”.

But, again, the bill Bogunskogo problem for Russian citizens does not solve. It only postpones the destruction of the Russian schools for three years.

However, it is hoped that during these three years in the country to change the situation (for example, in the case of early parliamentary elections) and issue with a free choice of language of instruction will be solved.

“Lada” in Ukrainian: the revival of the auto industry

Of course, I would like to have not only collected the car, but did them fully. And if it collects, it is better to “Mercedes”. But during the free trade area with the EU was not a single Western company that wanted to revive the dead in 2014, the production at ZAZ.

Meanwhile, footage of the deceased leader of domestic automotive industry were lost annually. What frames, they have felt in recent years in the defense industry when he decided to restore the company on repair of military equipment of Soviet times, but it turned out that almost no specialists, able to distinguish the details of the “Shilka” details “Wasps”.

Assembly Lad at ZAZ, at least, will keep the footage up to better times of the Ukrainian industry, which will hopefully ever come. Not to mention the fact that several thousand people will get jobs, and the Central and municipal budgets – additional taxes.

And in this sense it is significant that after statements of the leadership Zaza yet there were no statements from the party Poroshenko or “Nazarus” with the requirement not to collect the “machine-aggressors” and the accompanying howl in social networks. It is hoped that economic common sense is gradually returning to Ukraine.

The second term Duda: what to expect Ukraine from Poland

In Poland yesterday became known the results of the presidential elections, which means one thing: Ukraine is no change in the Western direction will not. Andrzej Duda is the frontman of the party of Lech Kaczynski’s “law and justice” – re-elected for a second term.

Although its separation from the competitor – the representative of “Civil platform” and the mayor of Warsaw for Rafal Trzaskowski – was quite small, the re-election Duda corresponds to the trends dominant in recent years in Eastern Europe. And trends in conservative politics in opposition to the liberal, who came from Western Europe.

“GP” represents liberal Westernism with all its values, including full equality for LGBT people. She tried to impose these values until 2015, but the Catholic Poland the majority was not ready for them. And in this case the success of Duda.

And with it – the key to difficult relations between Poland and Ukraine, which we have seen in the last five years. Duda Poland-Kaczynski, of course, also plays the role of an advocate of Ukraine in the EU (as did Poland Komorowski-Tusk), but the lawyer is not disinterested.

The electorate of “Peace” will never reconcile with the fact that in Ukraine glorify the OUN-UPA; moreover, the part of the electorate will never reconcile with the fact that Lviv is not Polish city. Therefore, there is still not one historical battle with modern overtones.

Старообуховская автокатастрофа, отсрочка конца для русских школ, "Лада" по-украински

Старообуховская автокатастрофа, отсрочка конца для русских школ, "Лада" по-украински

Старообуховская автокатастрофа, отсрочка конца для русских школ, "Лада" по-украински

Старообуховская автокатастрофа, отсрочка конца для русских школ, "Лада" по-украински

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