Started: Saakashvili criticized the Office of the President

Началось: Саакашвили раскритиковал Офис Президента

Chairman of the Executive Committee of reforms under the Office of the President Mikheil Saakashvili began to criticize the government. A message appeared on the policy page in Facebook.

He stated that “part” of the Office of the President in the preparation of the draft law on the simplification of physical persons-entrepreneurs do not take into account the views of the Executive Committee of reforms.

“Today, because of the bill 2524 “On the operation electronic office and to simplify the work of individuals-entrepreneurs” the Parliament will vote amendments to 1210. The fact that at the time the President instructed us to prepare these amendments, which would minimize the damage and distortions that were in the original bill 1210.

We have prepared many amendments that would simplify tax administration, made the life of taxpayers as well as helped soften the economic downturn.

Unfortunately, in parallel, was drafted amendments to another part of the Office of the President, which do not reflect the fact that we prepared. So I have to say that the amendments which are now in Parliament, will not reflect the clearly expressed desire of the President to improve the law and will not be in the interest of taxpayers,” – said Saakashvili.

He added: “what is proposed is not the will of the President, and pure blasphemy and simulation any changes, without changing essentially nothing.”

“At a time when all countries are stimulating the business environment, including fiscal practices, we are probably the only country that raises taxes in a crisis, and tightening the screws on all fronts,” wrote Saakashvili.