Started selling points Huawei is a revolutionary VR Glass

Huawei has started sales of virtual reality glasses VR Huawei Glass. They debuted in late September and have some fundamental differences from conventional virtual reality helmets.

Features VR glasses Huawei

First, Huawei VR Glass is very compact and light. In addition, the glasses automatically adjust to the user myopia, and the adjustment of the right and left eyes are produced independently from each other.

The glasses are equipped with screens with a total resolution 3200х1600 pixels and a pixel density of 1058 dpi.

Стартовали продажи революционных очков Huawei VR Glass

Стартовали продажи революционных очков Huawei VR Glass

Huawei VR Glass is now available for purchase


Today Huawei VR Glass is available for purchase in China at a price of $ 428 (10 036 hryvnia).

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