Started would the war in the Donbass, if Ukraine has not signed the Budapest Memorandum: expert

Началась ли бы война на Донбассе, если бы Украина не подписала Будапештский меморандум: эксперт

25 years ago Ukraine gave up nuclear weapons. In exchange, Russia, the US and Britain promised to protect the sovereignty of our state. But in the 2014 Pro-Russian troops invaded Ukraine, annexed Crimea and seized a part of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Was it possible to avoid this – read on.

Political expert Yevhen mahda live 24 channel noted that the Memorandum is legally still continues to operate, as it was not formally cancelled the signature is not revoked.

In his opinion, Ukraine’s problem is that, in 1994, the Ukrainians decided that the Memorandum creates a system of international guarantees for us.

Let me remind you that similar guarantees received Belarus and Kazakhstan, who also abandoned his part of the Soviet nuclear weapons. And these two countries may also be under unexpected pressure from Russia,

– said Magda.

He added that nuclear weapons are a serious deterrent. But in 1994, before Ukraine had the issue of integration into the world economic community.

We actually traded it (nuclear weapons – 24 channel) on the economic recognition and the provision of credit. This decision was, by and large, the result of our poverty,

– said the political expert.

The Budapest Memorandum is a document signed by the leaders of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, the United States – bill Clinton, Russia Boris Yeltsin, and the United Kingdom John major. The leaders of the countries signed a Memorandum of security assurances to Ukraine in exchange for nuclear disarmament.