Startup Italian: first test drive of the FIAT Doblo with the new motor

Стартап по-итальянски: первый тест-драйв FIAT Doblo с новым мотором

Recently updated van continues to evolve. And this time the Italians decided to add the FIAT Doblo fire – the car received new, more powerful engine and agile box transmission. Portal “Avtosklad” one of the first in Russia have experienced a novelty in the case.

Small and medium businesses, the cornerstone of most economies in the world, our country is experiencing not the best times. However, in spite of everything, many new “oligarchs” do not give up and try to establish at least biznesok. And, as a rule, need a reliable assistant on four wheels, even if you deliver curves covers for mobile phones with “Ali Baba”.

It is the versatility of the Fiat Doblo, has evolved over time test almost a member of the family able to bring up most of the modern future “trumps”, “the Rothschilds” and “Rockefellers”.

The main point is that a passenger van Doblo can be used as a truck for work during the week and on the weekend to load inside the whole family with lots of Luggage and wheeled out of town. Particularly active will easily fit in the cabin a whole Horde of instagram-beauties for a voyage to the clubs – not all the way to work on “delivery”.

It so happened that during our test, the author of these lines happened a few crossings, mostly related to garage cooperatives. What is nowadays the garage? That’s right: it was a little tired, but still alive furniture from the apartment, chests of drawers, lockers and, of course, all sorts of-wheel-parts.

In General, the Fiat Doblo has become an indispensable helper: if you fold the rear seats and remove the shelf, compartment size under various loads is a very impressive 3200 liters. So a pretty impressive chest of drawers with glass doors got in the Fiat playfully, and even a place under a standard set of skates and a big bag for the gym left.

Also ease Doblo took his life a step-ladder, an infrared heater, a few buckets of paint, a coat hanger and a bunch of other smaller Luggage. A laptop and a folder of papers found refuge in the shelves under the roof over the driver’s head.

Yeah, Laden Doblo will not Shine dynamics, but such a car and not have to tear the competitors in roadway with traffic lights. The elements of the van – a smooth, stable acceleration, it is a comfortable motion at quite moderate fuel consumption. Our hero is a 1.4-litre petrol engine, boosted to 120 HP, and that’s 206 Nm of torque.

I must admit that compared to the 95-strong version of such a “Fiat” goes much more cheerful. And six-speed gearbox is definitely the best alternative to “pariscope”. In General, the Italian “businessman” became more efficient and, importantly, less nervous.

However, it is worth considering the fact that after 130 km/h high Fiat begins to slowly “parasite”, it was too high he has a body, that is the fee for cubic capacity. However, the driver or the supplier of goods of sex-shop excessive speed to anything, but the agility and maneuverability in city lanes is much more important. Same with the Fiat Doblo Cargo is all right.

To complain about, except that the lack of rear Parking sensors, and it is more for the novice driver, and these vans usually don’t go. But all the other minimum required benefits of civilization are especially important Bluetooth mobile phone, music and lots of different shelves for ease of driver-laborers.

Although Cup holders, for example, could be bigger, and a tiny badlocation under the right elbow of the pilot looks very comical. However, given the quite reasonable at present price, for all these quibbles and minor issues can not be ignored. Start startup will be 1 289 000 rubles.

Стартап по-итальянски: первый тест-драйв FIAT Doblo с новым мотором

Стартап по-итальянски: первый тест-драйв FIAT Doblo с новым мотором