State of Play for 54 seconds: Sony has revealed the short version of the presentation

State of Play за 54 секунды: Sony показали короткую версию презентации

2 months ago, Sony showed the first live stream State of Play, during which was shown a few different products games and updates. But why waste 2 hours of your time, if you can see the same in 54 seconds?

To begin with confirming the release date of Medievil, the game will go on sale October 24. In it you will be able to play all your favorite skeleton who fights against evil. It is reported by the Informant Tech, referring to the YouTube channel of PlayStation.

Also Sony announced some new games. The first was Riverbon, where you will explore the infinite dungeon. On its creation worked the guys from an independent Studio. But in Away has shown very interesting and not the most popular genre – a simulator of life sugar marsupial of the possum. The game is made in the style of a documentary. In Predator: Hunter you’re playing for one of the military who are on the trail of an extraterrestrial creature. It will be an asymmetrical shooter. Its output is planned for 2020.

Of the gameplay in State of Play, we were shown a piece of Iceborne updates that will be in Monster Hunter World. Also did a gameplay review on Final Fantasy VII Remake. This is a fundamentally new mechanics and graphics all seem so alive!

From technology shows the new PS4 in a steel gray casing, it will be released in June. You can also get acquainted with the presentation of State of Play more in our article.