State of Play: the announcement of a Predator: Hunting Grounds, trailer for a remake of MediEvil, teaser Final Fantasy VII Remake

State of Play: анонс Predator: Hunting Grounds, трейлер ремейка MediEvil, тизер Final Fantasy VII Remake

Tonight released the second episode of the show State of Play. In General, the issue, as mentioned earlier, was slightly better than the previous one – at least it was shorter! We have collected all the videos shown below.

• Trailer additions Iceborn for Monster Hunter: World, which will take you hunting in snow-covered regions, where waiting for a new ice creature. Later, Capcom will launch its stream, which will tell you more about the DLC.

Release date – 6 September.

• Gameplay video Riverbond – colorful action with a top in a voxel world. The game supports up to four players. The authors promise destructible environments, a variety of quests and tons of weapons and melee.

Riverbond look not only on the PlayStation 4, but on PC and Xbox One. When will be released is still unknown.

• The announcement of a Predator: Hunting Grounds – multiplayer isometric shooter in the universe of the”Predator”. Players will assume the role of elite soldiers, which you have to work together to perform operations, simultaneously fighting off the Predator. However, to play for the main antagonist too, will give.

The release is scheduled for 2020 year exclusively on PS4. Over the game works Studio Illfonic, known for Friday the 13th: The Game.

• The trailer for the remake of MediEvil. The original game remade from scratch, mixing classic gameplay and modern graphics with support for 4K resolution. Recall that entertainment tells of the adventures of Sir Daniel Fortescue – fun knight-skeleton, which was accidentally resurrected his worst enemy, the sorcerer Zarok.

MediEvil get to PS4 on October 25.

• Announcement AWAY: The Survival Series – adventures in the third person, inspired by documentaries about wildlife. The main character sugar marsupial flying squirrel. On the planet was a disaster, so your task becomes increased survival. Developers are talking about the rich ecosystem – from tiny insects to fearsome beasts.

The game will be released someday on PS4 and PC.

• Teaser trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. New information is almost there – just those bits that the fans can extract from the video. But the developers have promised to share the details in June.

“Twitter” a remake of a game Director Tetsuya Nomura (Tetsuya Nomura) said that the lion’s share plans have already been implemented, probably on release day is not so far.

Users have taken this edition of State of Play better than the first wagon, her parents told me at the time of writing the news stopped at the first third of the journey. Below you can see a recording of the whole broadcast.