Statement Lyashko impeachment made him the leader of the opposition – expert

Заявление Ляшко об импичменте сделало его лидером оппозиции, - эксперт

Hard RPL protest leader Oleg Lyashko stands out from the sluggish resistance of the parties represented in Parliament, said political analyst Kirill Sazonov, reports Informant.

“In the meantime, parliamentary as if the opposition is sleeping and even playing Zelensky votes, Oleg Lyashko requires to begin impeachment proceedings. Primarily for the instruction of the President to the Cabinet to develop standards for news and actually introduce censorship. Lyashko is already preparing a lawsuit to recognize the initiative as unconstitutional and urged the parliamentary opposition to initiate impeachment proceedings,” he wrote on his page in Facebook the expert.

Sazonov supported Lyashko and reminded that the fight for the right need even in the most hopeless situation.

“In my opinion, the radical is quite right – the attack on freedom of speech, the power kicks you need to drive to Rostov. And the parliamentary opposition is behaving very sluggish in this regard. Yes, there is monopolista have Zelensky, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up. To fight for their beliefs even when the situation seems hopeless. Proven in 2014,” – said the analyst.

The expert believes that the intransigence of the leader of the Radical party would make him leader of the opposition in the eyes of Ukrainians.

“While any serious opposition in the Parliament I do not see. And Lyashko fellow – initiates impeachment, and before that, quite rightly, caught and beat people’s Deputy from “CH” Gems for the import of electricity from Russia. The first day went into opposition and no concessions. In fact, even outside Parliament strong statement Lyashko makes him the leader of the opposition to Zelensky. And every puncture of the President, his party in Parliament or Cabinet will add Oleg Lyashko points in the eyes of the voter,” concluded Sazonov.