Statistic PornHub confirms the increase in the rate of Android updates

A few days ago, the website Pornhub has shared statistics regarding devices and operating systems used to access the site. It showed that Android has become the most popular mobile platform on the resource, but the rate of growth of the updates of the OSes has increased.

According to published statistics, it became known that 76,6% of the visitors use smartphones, and 52,8% of them Apple smartphones.

New details

Now became known some new details. It is noted that 71% of visitors to Pornhub, which used Apple devices, these same devices running iOS 13. Another 24% are using iOS 12.

In the case of the Android operating system 48% of users have at their disposal a device running Android Pie, while 23 percent own an Android Oreo, and another 12% were on Android Nougat.

Статистика PornHub подтверждает рост темпов обновления Android

Статистика PornHub подтверждает рост темпов обновления Android

Statistics on mobile operating systems

By the way, last year the current version of Android (then Android Pie) occupied a smaller proportion Pornhub.

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