Statistics: most Russians do not care about online privacy

Статистика: большинство россиян не заботится о приватности в сети

Most users prefer to keep the privacy in the network: according to “Kaspersky Lab”, if anonymous access to the Internet want to be more than 80% of Russians. But, according to experts, many owners of gadgets are not able to protect their data – this is evidenced by the results of a survey of web surfers from around the world.

According to the newspaper “TASS” with reference to the study of “Kaspersky Lab”, to preserve anonymity and to hide information about their activities in the network want 84% of Russian Internet users. It is noteworthy that the desire to hide their “history” in real life said only 65% of respondents.

As tools of protection from being tracked 54% of survey participants prefer to clear your browser history and 24% used a fake name when registering on various websites. 23% of users, according to the above statistics, stick with a webcam, 22% use instant messengers with encryption, and 12 percent use private search engines.

“The majority of respondents (68%) agree that in today’s digital world fully preserve privacy impossible. Three out of four respondents (74%) would like to know more about how to protect from prying eyes their activities online, but only if the information will be theirs for free. To pay for courses and trainings to improve skills privacy ready only 17% of users”, – quotes “TASS” the statement of the employees of the company.

According to anti-virus expert “Kaspersky Lab” Alexey Malanov, quoted source, although the problem of online privacy care of Russians, the majority of users not taking enough measures to provide security. For example, almost 40% of respondents even do not protect your PC or gadget with a password, and 64% do not check and edit the privacy settings on that device, applications and services they use.

The survey was conducted from November 2018 to January 2019, the worldwide. The number of respondents in Russia amounted to more than 1 thousand people.

Статистика: большинство россиян не заботится о приватности в сети