Stay at the Zaporozhye resorts – expensive and dangerous

Отдых на запорожских курортах - дорого и небезопасно

Rest in Kirillovka and Berdyansk this year cheap can be had in the first days of summer, from mid June prices will rise at least twice

Vacationers have been booking rooms at the resorts in Kirillovka. Today they expect a lot of visitors, because people have started a long holiday weekend.

This year, the average price of recreation in Kirillovka starts from 100 UAH per person per day. Since the end of June, housing prices will increase significantly, and by the end of August will again be reduced.

“Industrialna” found out how much it will cost the rest on bases with different conditions of comfort. Budget accommodation traditionally found in the private sector. There is room even for 55 UAH per day per person, but will have to abandon the comfort and walking on the beach to the sea, and even to drive. Although this year’s budget offers little. Perhaps because of the coronavirus that causes people fear to settle in their homes visitors. Yes, and follow the rules of quarantine, they are also not easy.

In June, room at the recreation center in the center of Kyrylivka is from 125 UAH per person per day. In July the price will increase more than doubled – from 325 UAH.

For comfortable cottage on Fedotova spit will have to pay 1000 UAH per day. It can accommodate at least four people.

But the prices in hotel complexes with swimming pools and lots of fun little “bite”. Prices for double room start from 2500 UAH in June. In July the room asking 3 000 UAH. Apartments cost from 5 thousand UAH.

The least popular place of rest for the remains and spit Peresyp. There’s budget accommodation can be rented for 90 UAH per person per day. It will be a metal trailer with a fan and a fridge with no amenities. In the case or a wooden house for such conditions will have to pay 100-110 UAH per day per person.

Rooms with facilities on the bases are from 200 – 250 UAH, with pool – from 1000 UAH per person.

By the way, to find accommodation in Kyrylivka can be both independently and through a special reservation service, working with most of the bases. Employees of such services will listen to all wishes of the client and select the various options.

Quarantine at the resort

But about quarantine Kirillovka many have already forgotten. The owners of databases to say that the rest is masks almost never use. In stores they also have no clothes. Any inquiries from the visitors at the bases will also no demands.

The employee of service of booking was very surprised when I heard the question about the masks and references. The girl admitted that her about this yet none of the clients were not asked, although in recent days it turned a lot of people.

It is worth noting that the rest of the sea carries with it certain risks. As reported in the “Industrialna” if at any recreation center or at the sanatorium in vacationer confirmed mers database will be closed immediately quarantined and a patient isolated. Under suspicion will be immediately hundreds of tourists. If outbreaks occur coronavirus infection and the number of cases will increase, then close to the quarantine can not just one base, and the entire resort.

City by the sea

In Berdyansk to find a place to stay for every taste and budget. In the resort town with visitors also do not require any references, though I try to provide the guests with antiseptics.

To rent an apartment in Berdyansk in the city and on the spit. In the center of Berdyansk prices for one-bedroom apartments for two people start from 250 UAH per day. The prices of rooms in the private sector – from 90 UAH.

In recreation, located on the spit, per day one person will have to pay 200-250 UAH. On bases with pools – from 350 UAH. Prices of houses and cottages by the sea start from 1500 UAH.

Resting in Berdyansk like to stay in the cottages, where also easy to find low cost options. For example, now the country with all facilities near the sea, designed for four people, asking 1100 UAH. Since the end of June all prices will increase almost twice.