Stealing bitcoins is not a crime: the Russian court

Кража биткоина не преступление: российский суд

The Russian district court found stealing bitcoins is not a crime, because cryptocurrencies in Russia is not regulated and has no legal status to bitcoin itself. The accused were found guilty, and condemned only for the theft of Fiat money – not cryptocurrency.

The district court of Petersburg has pronounced a sentence on business about theft related to the bitcoin, which was launched in December, reports the website “”

Two of the defendants, Peter Piron and Yevgeny Prigozhin, pretending to be officers of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation (FSB) in 2018, has forced the plaintiff to give them cash and cryptocurrency. Under threat of torture the owner of the cryptocurrency transferred five million rubles and cryptocurrencies, including BTC 99,7035.

At that time it amounted to more than $680 640 based on the exchange rate of June 3, 2018, according to a court statement. Now this amount of BTC is about $908 024.

The victim sought the return of all stolen property. The court recognized that cryptocurrencies were transferred by the accused under threat. However, referring to the information of the Central Bank, the Bank of Russia and the penal code, the court came to the conclusion:

“The theft of cryptocurrency is not a crime. Due to the lack of legal status to recognize him as the object of civil law impossible.”

“This kind of virtual money does not belong to any category and is not a recognized means of payment in territory of the Russian Federation. The legislator has prescribed that substitutes funds,” added the court.

Prigogine was sentenced to eight years, and Piron – 10 years in prison of strict regime. They also ordered the return of five million rubles, but the cryptocurrency was excluded from the sentence.

As he wrote Coinews, the legislative body of Russia has proposed a bill prohibiting crypto currencies, but he criticized the Ministry of justice of the country.

Previously portal Coinews informed that despite the fact that Russia is developing a new strict legislation on cryptocurrencies, exchanges, exchanges P2P and cryptocurrency in the country are becoming more popular.

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