Steam found a fake Cyberpunk 2077

В Steam обнаружили фальшивый Cyberpunk 2077

The game Cyberpunk 2077 to wait another year, but that does not stop various “entrepreneurs” to profit from the grandiose name. One of the questionable publishers has launched on Steam’s own version of the game called Cyberpunk 2069, calling it the “RPG of the new generation”.

There’s no Keanu Reeves, but there is a “open world, lush graphics, large city and the style of cyberpunk”, is reported in the description to the game.

Of course, attentive users immediately saw through the developer with the nickname Cyberpath and began to accuse him of trying to profiteer on someone else’s hype.

Release date and final name. In a day a beginner developer had to change the name of the game Cyberprank 2069. But the project is not canceled, and play RPG will be in July 2019.

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