Steam will get a pleasant and long-awaited update: what will change

Steam получит приятное и долгожданное обновление: что изменится

The company Valve Software has introduced a new user interface Steam Game Developers Conference 2019. According to preliminary data, the new design will launch before the end of 2019.

What changes do you expect Steam? As reported by USGamer, the first change is in the Steam library that have not been updated for a very long time. The new design reflects the projects that have recently played the user who last updates and the rest of the collection.

There you can also see a list of friends and what they have now. In addition, Valve will add individual filters to quickly sort your Steam library.

Page games in the library will also receive a visual upgrade. They will include information about the latest events and updates activity in the friends list, screenshots, and Steam Workshop items.

Steam получит приятное и долгожданное обновление: что изменится

What updates will get on Steam

The second change relates to the events tab, which is based on sections news games. Page, players will be able to see the latest updates of projects from the collection, special events and broadcast.

Valve presents it as a place where developers and publishers can connect with their community. There will be blogs with detailed information, images, and links to external content.

Steam получит приятное и долгожданное обновление: что изменится

Steam will appear new sections

On the events tab, users will be able to determine what they want to watch, and that they are not interested. Players will also have the ability to mark events and set reminders, which can come in the form of messages in the Steam client, Google calendar and iCal or text messages.

When should you expect updates? The beta version of the new design will launch this summer, but Valve hopes to hold an open testing event system in the coming months.

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