Stella McCartney is exploiting the people who sew clothes for her brand

Стелла Маккартни эксплуатирует людей, которые шьют одежду для ее бренда

In Britain this week, conflict flared in the center of which turned out to be branded items from famous designer Stella McCartney. As it turned out, coat the new collection of Stella sew people from Hungary who get the minimum wage.

On the factory work, not only the local people of Hungary, but also women from the Western part of Ukraine. Factory Director the Impros Matolcsy in an interview assured the journalists that all workers receive wages higher than the minimum, they are fully equipped with necessary materials and working conditions. All according to the labour code of Hungary. The factory owner claims that Stella McCartney their most valuable and regular customer, he did not want to lose her because of this scandal.

But the workers of this factory tell a very different information. One seamstress told me that she pay a total of 170 thousand HUF over 176 hours of continuous operation. This money is not enough to live a full life. People in Hungary can buy for the money food and pay utility bills. That is, in a situation if someone is ill or needs some new clothes, have to rely solely on the help of friends and relatives.

To implement the plan and to receive wages higher, a worker must sew 50 pieces for the brand coat Stella. However, due to the complexity of this part of the wardrobe, seamstress enough time to complete less than half of the plan. To increase performance just not realistic.

Experts engaged on this issue and felt that the purchase of materials for coats, remuneration etc the company Stella spends only 20% of the retail price things. That is, the net profit of McCartney is 80%. And that can only mean one thing – the factory workers are openly exploited.

Last week, Stella came back in one scandal involving her clothing line. The thing is that on the official page of the brand Stella McCartney’s Instagram posted a photo with Meghan Markle, who was dressed in this coat.

It would seem that here the criminal? However, Megan has appeared in a coat at the ceremony to commemorate the people who died in the hostilities. The post brand boasted that the Duchess wore their coats to this important event.

Netizens criticized the Stella and made emphasis on the fact that in such a tragic day inappropriate advertising their brand at the expense of a famous person. After the barrage of criticism the representatives of the Stella decided to remove the post from Instagram and pretend that nothing happened. By the way, coats Meghan Markle was just out of the collection, which is sewn in Hungary.