Stellar daddy: Enrique Iglesias shared a funny video with kids

Звездный папочка: Энрике Иглесиас поделился забавным видео с детьми

Popular Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias with his wife Anna Kurnikova raise twins, a son Nicholas and a daughter Lucy. The artist boasts not only a career but also a happy fatherhood.

A short video Enrique posted on his page in Instagram.

In the video, 43-year-old Iglesias has revealed how one-year-old children ride him on a typewriter.

“A typical Saturday” – succinctly signed video artist.

Enrique Iglesias playing with the children: watch the video

What is known about the relationship of Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova?
Russian ex-tennis player Anna Kournikova and singer Enrique Iglesias have announced their relationship in 2001. After that, the pair often got in the international media: journalists received information about the severance of relations, pregnancy, ex-tennis player and even gay Iglesias. However, all rumors were dispelled when the celebrities became parents and settled in a luxury estate.