Stellar Ukrainian athletes ribbed Derby Dynamo and Shakhtar: photo & video

Звездные украинские спортсмены пошутили над дерби "Динамо" и "Шахтера": фото и видео

Ukrainian athletes Oleg Verniaiev and Jean Beleniuk demonstrated the situation in the championship of Ukraine on football at the moment.

The vernaeve posted in Instagram video as he spends wrestling against Jean Beleniuk. The Vernaeve emblazoned in the Shakhtar shirt, and Beleniuk posing in the form of Dynamo Kyiv.

Obviously, Jean and Oleg are the fans of Ukrainian clubs – bitter rivals. “The situation in the Premier League” – in jest signed video Oleg Vernaeve.

In turn, Jean Beleniuk does not understand why Kiev may not be as easy to deal with the “miner”, as he is with their fans:

By the way, “Dynamo” lags behind Shakhtar on seven points in the championship and will meet with the miners in the 1/4 finals of the Cup of Ukraine on 3 April.

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