Step-by-step tactics Phoenix Point again postponed – this time until September 2019

Пошаговую тактику Phoenix Point снова отложили - на этот раз до сентября 2019-го

Turn-based strategy Phoenix Point from the Creator of the original XCOM was originally supposed to come out in the second half of 2018. However, due to the increased ambitions of the developers decided to move the game to June 2019. Alas, today, the entertainment was postponed for another three months – until September.

This was on the YouTube-channel strategy, announced the creative and CEO Snapshot Games Gollop Julian (Julian Gollop). According to him, the developers needed more time for testing and polishing the gameplay. He believes that expectation is fully justified.

In addition, gallop said that those who supported the entertainment your money, get a new Assembly Point Phoenix March 4. This version will include a large number of fresh content. Details will be published soon.