Stepanov has responded to the story Bihus.Info about your Deputy

Степанов отреагировал на сюжет Bihus.Info о своем заместителе

The Minister of health of Ukraine Maxim Stepanov called “custom story” investigation Bihus.Info his Deputy Igor Ivashchenko, who, according to journalists, was involved in health procurement in the fluent President Victor Yanukovych.

As UKRINFORM reported, in an interview with “New time”, the official said that with his future Deputy, he met in Odessa (probably during the tenure of the head of the Odessa regional state administration).

“We met him in Odessa. He is a very cool guy, who is deeply versed in medicine, and it takes the medical community. In MOZ it deals with issues of transplantation and international relations. I am very pleased with the steps that we do with it”, – explained the head of Ministry of health.

Commenting on the information of journalists that shortly before his appointment Ivashchenko Deputy head of Department, owner of the company where he worked, visited daily by the building of the Ministry of health, Stepanov said: “Many people come to the Ministry of health.”

“The material to which you refer, I saw no relation to journalism, he has not. It’s a custom story, any adequate person understands it immediately,” said the Minister.

Also in the investigation said that Ivashchenko was the commercial Director of the pharmaceutical dealer’s link-Medital, which buys medicines abroad, where they “pumped” in the European “strip” the company “millions of hryvnias overpayments for medicines for Ukrainian hospitals.”

Ivashchenko denied any involvement in similar schemes.