Sternenko: the Case for an attack on me stopped, the customer is not looking for

Стерненко: Дело по нападению на меня остановили, заказчика не ищут

12.07.2020, 16:37

Sergey Sternenko (video Screenshot Radio Liberty/Youtube)

According to Sternenko, search of customers and organizers of an attack now may not be years

The investigation into the attack on the public activist Sergey Sternenko, in which killed the assailant Ivan Kuznetsov, stopped. This was reported Sternenko on Facebook.

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“According to the investigator, the case for a third attack on me stopped. The formal reason for this was the ad wanted for hooliganism (Yes, when you are trying to take the life of the order, then we “hooliganism”) by Alexander Sicula”, – he wrote.

According to Sternenko, stopping production means and stop all investigative actions, including figuring out who was the customer and the organizer of the attack, and the mediator. “Theoretically, no investigations can be held now for years,” – noted social activist.

While Sternenko claims that he had asked the Prosecutor to allocate production on the attackers on him Sikulu in a separate order not to stop the main investigation. But he refused and was stopped by the main production.

Journalist he appealed to the security Service of Ukraine for review.

  • 24 may 2018 at Sternenko attacked Ivan Kuznetsov and Alexander Isikol. Sternenko was hospitalized with a concussion and a cut wound of the hand. During the incident, Kuznetsov died from stab wounds Isikul survived, but left Ukraine in 2019-th year.
  • Ex-Deputy Prosecutor General Victor Trepak told that the attorney General Irina Venediktova said that they need to report the suspicion to Sternenko. In April, Venediktov said that the suspicion Sternenko declared “in any case”.
  • In may 2020 Kuznetsov and Sikulu was declared about suspicion in hooliganism. In June the Prosecutor’s office closed the case against Kuznetsova, the court overturned him on suspicion and not given permission to arrest Sicula.
  • 11 Jun Sternenko reported about suspicion of intentional homicide and illegal possession of bladed weapons.
  • On 15 June, the Shevchenkovsky regional court sent Sternenko under house arrest for 60 days. The court was accompanied by a massive rally of supporters Sternenko, during which law enforcement officers beat and detained several activists, not allowing them to the Red cross.
  • On 3 July the court of appeal of Kiev rejected the appeal Sternenko, leaving it under-hour house arrest.
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Стерненко: Дело по нападению на меня остановили, заказчика не ищут

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