Steve jobs invented the Apple long before the Iphone Card: details

Стив Джобс придумал Apple Card задолго до Iphone: детали

More recently, US residents could purchase the ability to apply for a credit card Apple Card presented at the beginning of this year. The idea of issuing its own credit cards in the American Corporation emerged in the late 1990-ies, and was the project initiator Steve jobs.

Steve jobs wanted to release a branded credit card in the late 1990s – about 20 years before Apple announcement Card. Then Apple’s partner were to become Bank holding company Capital One, specializes in credit cards and various types of loans.

Details shared by the former head of the Bank. According to him, jobs is “disgusted” for a possible refusal to issue a card to any of the users. Apple CEO wanted the card could get anyone.

According to reports, several years later, in 2004, jobs returned to the idea of branded credit cards. He wanted to for purchases users accumulate special power-UPS that can later be spent on the purchase of music on iTunes. Even then, however, Apple CEO failed to find a MasterCard with a common language and come to satisfactory terms.

Watch the video on the launch of the Apple Card:

Now, however, Apple under Tim cook still managed to run his credit card. Partner Bank Apple Goldman Sachs. Usually it specializiruetsya work with corporations and the very wealthy customers, but now revised its policy. As reported, Apple Card get even users with not the best credit rating.

Who can get the Apple Card. According to reports, banks assess users on a number of criteria, assigning a credit rating. If it is equal to 800-850 or higher, that client is considered to be almost perfect. From 740 to 799 – a very good sign, and from 670 to 739 – just good. If the rating is below 670, the user is likely to deny the loan.

Стив Джобс придумал Apple Card задолго до Iphone: детали

However, now Apple Card receive a variety of clients and not all of them had excellent credit history. Ed Oswald, one owner from new Apple maps, I was surprised that Goldman Sachs gave him a limit of $ 750 with his rating of about 620. He also noted that the interest rate on the Apple Card, component is 23.99%, which is much lower than the other cards.

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