Stock trading adapt to European standards

Биржевую торговлю адаптируют к европейским нормам

The securities market will be reformed

The national Commission on securities and stock market of Ukraine (NSSMC) began the process of adaptation of the terms of exchange trade in Ukraine by European rules. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the press service of the Commission.

As noted in a press-service, the first change was the new reporting rules on OTC transactions. Now in Ukraine, as well as in Europe, parties to the transaction must report the fact of their detention, and not on the fact of their execution. Because the execution could be rastanura time, neither market participants nor the regulator had not timely “picture” of the OTC market. Trade statistics could not serve as a reliable price benchmark in the market, could also become a reliable basis for monitoring systems of control for definition of manipulative transactions.

“The new reporting system is the beginning of a comprehensive reform of the rules and conditions of organised trade in Ukraine, which will also include new requirements for trading systems, cyber protection at the present level, the introduction of corporate governance of stock exchanges”, – stated in the message.

According to the press service, the changes introduced in the framework of the NSSMC interaction with European partners, particularly the European Bank for reconstruction and development, the Spanish stock exchange BME and legal company Dentos.