“Stolen art,” Gurlitt

"Украденное искусство" Гурлитта

Courbet, Monet, Kollwitz, Rodin, deeks… About 200 masterpieces of famous artists from the secret collection of Cornelius Gurlitt for the first time exhibited in Berlin.

In 2012, the whole world has heard the news that German police have discovered a real treasure – almost fifteen hundred paintings, which for many years nothing was known. They were in houses owned by the son of Hildebrand Gurlitt, a famous collector of works by the so-called “degenerate art”.

There arose a suspicion that the paintings were seized by the Nazis from museums or stolen from Jewish collectors during world war II. Soon it was confirmed.

“We try to pay more attention to the people who lost their works during the war. It is mainly Jewish collectors. We also draw attention to those works that can be returned to their rightful heirs”, – said the curator of the exhibition.

The Museum and especially created for this Fund with the assistance of the German government find out which works were actually stolen, and then searching for the rightful owners. In their hands were already passed four paintings from the collection Gurlitt.

The exhibition will run until January 7 of next year.

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