Stoltenberg congratulated Ukraine with the status of a partner with advanced features

Столтенберг поздравил Украину со статусом партнера с расширенными возможностями

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has congratulated Ukraine on obtaining of the partner status with advanced options and noted that this status will give Ukraine more opportunities to participate in NATO exercises and in the exchange of information.

About this Stoltenberg said on Wednesday during a press conference on the first day of the two day virtual meeting of defense Ministers of the Alliance countries, according to UKRINFORM.

“I want to congratulate Ukraine with the recognition of the North Atlantic Council, all allies as a partner with enhanced capabilities. This is an important step in the partnership between NATO and Ukraine, which is a powerful recognition of Ukraine’s contribution to missions and operations under NATO, e.g. in Afghanistan, Kosovo and wherever it is. We appreciate this contribution of Ukraine”, – said the head of NATO.

He noted that in the above-mentioned status of Ukraine will be able to use the advanced access programs interoperability with NATO, which will help to increase the ability of structures, NATO and Ukraine to work together.

“The status of Ukraine… increase access to NATO exercises, to greater exchange of information, including insights on the lessons learned in NATO of different situations. Therefore, Ukraine will be even closer to NATO. We already have the status of a partner with advanced features with Finland, Sweden, Georgia, Jordan and Australia. Now Ukraine is also included in this list, ” – said Stoltenberg.