Stop trying to hurt, is the father of Meghan Markle showed fragments of letters from her daughter

Прекрати причинять боль, – отец Меган Маркл показал фрагменты письма от дочери

The Duchess of Sussex was once again in the center of unpleasant news. The father of Meghan Markle showed a letter from her, stating that he actually didn’t call her daughter and ignored her messages. These words American denies.

Recently girlfriend Meghan Markle became on its protection. The Western media they said that in fact the Duchess of Sussex had to sit in the Palace and silently watch the antics of their controversial relatives. However, in the midst of conflict, Megan was trying to reconcile with his father Thomas: she requested the man to come to their senses and stop spread lies in the media. At the same time odious cousin asked me to make him a joint photo.

Less than a week, as Thomas Markle gave reporters The Daily Mail a letter that he sent the star a daughter in August 2018. Megan began her message with gentle treatment “daddy” and continued with his request to stop communicating with the press.

If you love me, as told in the press, please stop. Let us live our lives. Please stop lying, hurt, exploit my relationship with my husband. I see you huddled deep in the rabbit hole and think no way out. But think about it: to live with a clear conscience is more valuable than any money in the world
the letter says Meghan Markle.

In addition, the Duchess of Sussex said that despite all the controversial statements, she continues to love his father. In the letter, Megan admitted that was frightened when I heard about his heart attack. The Duchess was sent to Thomas Markle assistant who could give him money for treatment, but her father did not answer, and ceased any communication with her.

“I’ve always loved and defended you, has offered any financial support because I was worried about your health. I was so scared when I found out from the media about your heart attack. I called and wrote to you… begged you to accept help – we sent a man to your house. But instead of talking to me, to take this or any other help, you stopped responding to calls and decided to only communicate with journalists,” wrote Meghan Markle.

Despite this the text of a letter Thomas Markle argues that his daughter really did not want reconciliation. She didn’t call him and only hurt, because the letter was written so callous that the father of the Duchess of felt “devastation”.

When I opened the letter, hoping that it was an olive branch that I wanted. I was expecting it to be the path to our reconciliation. But, it only hurt me. I was so devastated that no one was able to show the letter up to the events of last week,
– said Thomas Markle.

Thomas Markle were often caught in a scandalous news media. A man caught in the machinations, proving the fact of earning money on the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. After prolonged deliberations, he refused to take my daughter to the altar, claiming it has the scheduled surgery time. However, journalists believe that the money schemes have become the reason for this sudden decision of Thomas Markle. After that the man gave numerous interviews that have resulted in new scandals.