Stop writing Frank “the shit” – Borislav Bereza

Хватит писать откровенное "дерьмо", - Борислав Береза

People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation Borislav Birch on his page on Facebook protested the situation when the social networks and in some media publish false information just to fulfill someone’s “dirty” order.

“I’m tired of the situation, when instead of reasoned criticism and indication of errors, the policy of trying to discredit, slander, or just to compromise. The purpose is not error correction or improvement, and the desire to smear shit opponent. This is the current level of Ukrainian politics? Then I’m on this level is not ready to go down.

In the tape Facebook, more news on which the designation that it is an advertisement. And this news is just a torrent climb into my timeline. Policy. And that means targeted, infection. I read in the news that Andrei Yermak seen in a gay club in Berlin. The style of the article totally custom. The stench of this bridge is impossible to miss. So the question arises. Why? I have a lot of claims to the Yermak. This and the negotiations with the Kremlin, and on the flight Zelensky in Oman and Kiev issues. I am writing about it. But that’s no reason to try to label him something he is not. What’s next? He is a child molester? Accused Zelensky, or that he is Ukrainian land exports in the cars in Israel? Enough to write blatant crap. I understand that there will always be those who believe in such, but maybe it is time to stop and figure that will be enough to rush into each other’s shit. Shit may not fly to the opponent, but in the hands of throwing remain.

The worst thing is that this trend is old and not rooted in the past. I remember how similar was trying to label the opposition under Yanukovych. The scandal, in which people are unjustly called pedophiles in the past, but it ruined the lives of the people who slandered and their families. It’s the little things for those who want to discredit the opponent? I understand that. But that is no reason to be like everyone else same technology. And silly attempts to label Judaism Poroshenko? This is designed for anti-Semites? So in Ukraine they are very few and they are defective-poor community.

I’m used to rumors and fakes about myself. There are hundreds of them. From what I have dual citizenship up to the fact that I control all the threads on troyeschina, from the fact that I’m a Mossad agent before that I was an agent of the Kremlin. And I know one thing. When my opponents could not find anything against me, they invented and lied. Dirty and enchanting. It is a technology. Shit about her, wrote mark TWAIN, but it is. So I have this trash in an attempt to mark Ermak gay got. It is to criticize. Criticize! But to whom is the stuffing? On cave and unintelligent electorate? Looking at all this I have a feeling of disgust. Politics is not dirty business. Her doing dirty dishonest people. And they just will not revive a strong state and a just society. Because such methods they are not fighting for principles and for flows and for their place under the sun. And this is a clear sign of wild and not very smart politics. It’s time to grow up, get smarter and evolve. Time. But not everyone apparently can” – written by Borislav Birch.