Storm “area 51”: in a network there were funny memes and photos

Штурм ''зоны 51'': в сети появились забавные мемы и фото

Users of social networks have begun to publish memes of the assault on the secret military base Area 51 in the U.S. state of Nevada under the hashtag Area51storm.

In June, a student from California jokingly offer to go to the storm “Area 51”, and in September a crowd of people indeed gathered in the vicinity of a secret American military base.

Users followed the development of events all summer, and on September 20, the day on which was assigned the comic storm, the world held its breath.

For example, user @PomidorWatsona posted a frame from the Russian TV series “Happy together”, where the protagonist Gennady Bukin sits surrounded by green aliens in suits of foil. He signed the picture: “the First pictures of the eyewitnesses from the Area 51”.

“God, come get me, I’m scared,” joked the lady @N0urMrad and attached a frame from the animated series “the Simpsons”, where characters stormed Area 51 before the start of this event in reality.